Client Testimonials

Some comments about our work from our clients.

We came to Hugh with an Invention, needing assistance in bringing it to market. Hugh has negotiated Product Development assistance with a University, ensured that the Patents and Trademarks have been done correctly (and at minimal upfront cost)and found the funding we require. We are now well on the way to launching the product.

Mike Haigh - Floodkit Limited

Hugh gave us tremendous support throughout a protracted legal battle. Apart from identifying the key weakness in our opponents' case, he came with us to meetings, both with our own lawyers and the other side's. His experience and commonsense helped us reach a successful outcome.

Beverley Ward : Managing Director, Hazard Warning Systems

Having guided me through all the Red Tape associated with setting up my own business, and showing me how to manage my own accounts, Hugh tackled the problem of my Bank overcharging me over a number of years. He negotiated the recovery of several thousand pounds from the Bank AND got me a four figure compensation as well.

Emma Sheppard - Residential Cleaning Business

Hugh has helped us in two particular areas. Firstly, when we were looking for finance, he was able to find funds at a greatly reduced rate from what we had been quoted from the Banks. Secondly, in a contractual dispute with a major client, Hugh provided invaluable advice which enabled us to settle the matter successfully AND keep the client. Through his broad experience in legal matters and long standing relationship with sensible solicitors, we received exactly the right advice at minimal cost.

Ian Hutchings : Managing Director, Vita Safety

Hugh organised a short inexpensive marketing project for some of our retail members. The task was completed on time and to budget. Knowing the difficulties faced by the Retail Sector in the present economic climate, Hugh did not charge for his time.

Alan Knight : Chairman, Hagley Business Association

Hugh helped me take over a business and negotiate the necessary change in premises. He wrote my Business Plan for the Bank - in a single day ! , dealt with solicitors and showed me how to do my own accounts, which saved hundreds of pounds.

Lorraine Gibbins : Owner, Crazy Daisies, Florists

I was going round in circles with a Government Department until I was introduced to Hugh. He analysed the case and identified the important issues. His experience in legal matters ensured my solicitor was focussed and did not waste time and money. The matter was then quickly and successfully resolved.

Kim Partridge

About Us

We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses. We have decades of experience in all aspects of business and can pass on our advice and expertise to you without drowning you in jargon or talking down to you.

What We Do

We allow you to run your business while we help with all the peripheral problems such as legal or financial disputes, government red tape, and ways of getting products to market.

Our Associates

We have a number of expert associates with years of experience in their respective fields, which include marketing, accountancy, patent law, and health and safety.