Some of the things we can help you with

Our clients have encountered a wide variety of business problems. However, we have not yet found one which is insoluble. Some of the more common and irritating ones are listed below.

    New Businesses

    When building a new business from scratch it is often useful just to have someone to talk to who understands what is involved. We are very happy to get involved at the very early stages of a project and recognise that a new business needs to put its resources into making the idea work. The last thing it needs is expensive advisers eating up its cash reserves. We rarely charge directly for advice to startup businesses, preferring to get our rewards when the business has become successful and can afford it.

    R & D and Manufacturing

    We have extensive experience in most aspects of manufacturing and are used to dealing with different materials and manufacturing processes. We have good links to toolmakers, subcontract manufacturers and other useful companies ranging in size from reasonably small to very large.

    Marketing & Sales

    It is all very well trotting out the old mantra "sales is vanity, profit is sanity" but without the top line entry on your profit and loss account labelled "turnover", there is no business. It is also probably the most difficult area for most startup businesses to tackle. How do I get people to buy what I am trying to sell ? We don't have all the answers, but we have run successful businesses ourselves and know a thing or two. Talking through the important sales principles is a good first step.

    Finance and Accounts

    We take the fear out of Finance. Whether it is helping you to prepare a business plan for the Bank or Venture Capitalists in order to secure funding, or explaining why the Accountant thinks he can justify his fee, we have probably come aross the situation before and can prevent you falling into the trap of believing these "professional advisors" are anything other than just like you and me.

    There are only two types of Lawyers. Good ones and expensive ones. The Good ones keep you out of court and win your cases, which is why they are not expensive. They have the ability to convince the other side that their best option is to admit they are wrong and pay up. The other type are only interested in racking up the fees. Fortunately, we are able to tell the difference between the two. In 40 years, we have never lost a case and rarely needed to go to court to prove it. Our clients are not always in the right - but under these circumstances, the most sensible thing to do is to admit it and move on. It is much cheaper in the long run and will keep you sane !

    Government Red Tape

    We can advise on health and safety - or at least our expert associates can. This is a specialist area and it is important to have the correct advice. As for other Government Agencies, we have always found HMRC very helpful particularly when it comes to the intricacies of VAT. Employment matters can be tricky but not difficult once you know the rules.

    About Us

    We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses. We have decades of experience in all aspects of business and can pass on our advice and expertise to you without drowning you in jargon or talking down to you.

    What We Do

    We allow you to run your business while we help with all the peripheral problems such as legal or financial disputes, government red tape, and ways of getting products to market.

    Our Associates

    We have a number of expert associates with years of experience in their respective fields, which include marketing, accountancy, patent law, and health and safety.