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About Hugh Mathew

Hugh Mathew studied Civil Engineering at Imperial College, London, graduating in 1971. After completing a Master's Degree in Management Science, he worked for GKN for 13 years, holding management positions in Business Development, Operations and Purchasing and, at Director Level in subsidiary companies, in Sales, Marketing, Commercial and Service functions.  

He was Managing Director of a multi million pound subsidiary of another well known multinational before starting two of his own businesses from scratch in 1992. Since then, he has acquired a number of small businesses, both for himself and on behalf of clients and business partners.

About Advantage Management Consultants

Advantage Management Consultants is currently involved in three startup projects, each requiring advice on some or all of the following : company formation, patents, product development, marketing, production and finance.

The potential size of these businesses ranges between half a million pounds and five million pounds turnover per annum.

Most of Advantage's clients are SMEs with a turnover of less than £1 million per annum.

Hugh Mathew - Managing Director

Hugh Mathew

Managing Director

About Us

We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses. We have decades of experience in all aspects of business and can pass on our advice and expertise to you without drowning you in jargon or talking down to you.

What We Do

We allow you to run your business while we help with all the peripheral problems such as legal or financial disputes, government red tape, and ways of getting products to market.

Our Associates

We have a number of expert associates with years of experience in their respective fields, which include marketing, accountancy, patent law, and health and safety.